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The Cost Comparison Calculator: In-House vs Professional Recruitment

There are many issues to consider when weighing up the option of using a professional recruitment consultant vs the in-house alternative, including:

  • Your internal recruitment capacity and competence
  • The impact of making a bad hiring decision
  • The value of having a replacement guarantee
  • And, perhaps most importantly, the relative cost of the two options

Interestingly, whilst the cash flow impact of using a professional recruitment consultant is much higher, when all of the costs of in-house recruitment are taken into account the true cost is actually more expensive in most (but not all) cases.


The HirePay Recruitment Cost Comparison Calculator has been developed to enable you to compare the true cost of in-house vs professional recruitment on a case-by-case basis.


Find out the True Cost of In-House Recruitment!


If professional recruitment wins the day and the only remaining barrier is overcoming the cash flow impact of paying a recruitment fee, talk to us.


HirePay lets you split your recruitment fee into 4 easy monthly instalments and enjoy all the benefits of using a professional recruiter without the sudden cash flow impact.

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Written by HirePay

HirePay is a technology platform that solves cash flow issues associated with the hiring process. The company was founded to help businesses hire better people by enabling them to use professional recruiters, or top consultants and pay their invoices in 4 easy monthly instalments (HirePay pays in full within 24 hours). HirePay also advances funds for contract work and labour hire. HirePay’s solutions have turned financing for hiring from a painful process into an easy one that’s completed and approved in minutes and is a win-win for all parties.