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The Cost Comparison Calculator: In-House vs Professional Recruitment

There are many issues to consider when weighing up the option of using a professional recruitment consultant vs the in-house alternative,...
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Real People Supporting your Business through 100% Invoice Funding

HirePay helps construction businesses solve their cash flow issues with 100% payroll funding. If your contract labour hire firm is experiencing...
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Preparing for the Post COVID-19 Infrastructure Spending Boom

As sure as night follows day, an infrastructure spending boom will follow COVID-19. Why? Past experience tells us that there is no better, faster...
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5 Reasons to Switch from Job Boards to Recruiters Post-COVID-19

Whilst returning to work is unclear in the foreseeable future, at some point, Australian businesses will be expected to awaken from their...
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Grow your Contract Labour Hire business by 600% in 12 months

Want to grow your Contract Labour Hire business by 600% in 12 months? It’s easy, with HirePay.  
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The Real Cost of a Bad Hire Revealed. And Solved.

Over the years, there have been many studies conducted and articles written exploring the real cost of making a bad hiring decision.
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HirePay Eliminating the Growth Cap for Contract Labour Hire Firms

For most large corporations and government departments, hiring teams of contractors through a specialist contract labour hire firm (rather than...
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The True Cost of In-House Recruitment Revealed (Part 2)

With the right recruitment partner, employers can now find and employ better people in an easy and affordable way.   As more and more SME business...
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The True Cost of In-House Recruitment Revealed (Part 1)

Driven largely by a desire to avoid the cash flow impact of fees charged by professional recruitment agencies, online job boards have, over the...
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